How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

If you are looking for another great and easy to play casino betting game, then the dragon tiger casino game is for you. No need to worry if you have zero information about this kind of game. On the reason that this article is all about the how to play and win in dragon tiger casino game. Which means, the only thing you need to do is to read this entire article and we guarantee that you will going to know all the information needed in order to play and win on this kind of casino game.

How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game
How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

First, let’s talk about the introduction of this dragon tiger casino game. Dragon tiger casino game is one of the simplest casino game that a bettor can play. Because on this casino game, there are only two cards to be drawn by the banker, one is the dragon and the other one is the tiger. The only thing that you need to do when you will going to play this kind of game is you just need to place a bet guessing which card has much higher value. And whenever you pick the right card, you win. Plain and simple.

Rules for this dragon tiger casino game

Even this card game is so simple, there are still some rules to be followed. Here are some of those rules for you to know.

  • The number of card decks that can be used is not fixed. Meaning, there is a chance that sometimes the casino will going to use five standard decks of card, sometimes eight decks of cards.
  • Card values is much the same as in poker, except in dragon tiger, the aces are always low value card.
  • Only two cards will be drawn, no more, no less.

Bets that you can make on this dragon tiger and its probability to win

Dragon/Tiger – The dragon and tiger bets will win if your chosen hand get much higher value to the other one. And when the card value are tied, you will only lose the half amount of your bet. Let’s assume that the number of decks being used is eight. The possible combinations is about 39,936. While the probability is only 0.462651. The possible combinations and probability for you to win is exactly the same. Meaning in much simple term, you have almost a 50% chance to win each round.

Tie bet – For this tie bet, you can win up to 8 times of your bet but, what are the chances? The winning combinations for you to win when you place a bet on tie is only 6,448 with a probability of 0.074699 which is basically very low. While for the combinations that may result for you to lose is astonishing 79,872 combinations with a probability of 0.925301. Meaning, even that the payout with this kind of bet is very high. Your chance to win is somehow very low.

Basically, placing a bet on tie will be the worst bet that you can do in dragon tiger.


Now that you are finish on reading this article about How to Play and Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Game. You can use these information to help yourself win lots of money when you will going to play this kind of game.

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