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Reward Point Lucky Draw Every Day

Reward point lucky draw every day

With this kind of bonus, all members of our website has a chance to win 7000 MYR every day when they reach the required turnover. The raffle for this reward point lucky draw bonus take time at 14:00 (GMT+8) for 3 winners of big prizes and 200 special prices for others.

Welcoming to VIP Level For All Loyal Members

Welcoming to VIP Level for all loyal members

With this kind of promotion, by just playing continuously. Your membership level will going to rise up. After playing for 3 months continuously, your label as a regular member will going to be leveled up to bronze membership. And for another 6 months of continuously playing on our website, your membership status will going to be upgraded by one level. So it means by just playing continuously, a great reward will going to be yours.

Free Bet 10 MYR For All New Members

Free bet 10 MYR for all new members

All the new members of the website with the MYR currency will going to get the bonus free bet of 10 MYR. All you need to do is to follow some steps. First step is to click the free bet logo. Then enter the code that you will going to receive via SMS to your mobile phone and click confirm.

Special Extra Bonus 200% (EB200)

Special extra bonus 200% (EB200)

This kind of promotion is applied to all new members that are using MYR currency. The maximum bonus that a member can have is 350 MYR. Applied to all products except: Playtech, E-games slot, Poker, and QQKeno. Also, you need to reach the required turnover to obtain this awesome promotion.

Extra Bonus 200% (EB200)

Extra bonus 200% (EB200)

This promo apply to all new members with MYR currency. This kind of promo has a maximum bonus of 700 MYR. This kind of bonus is not applied to: Live casino, Poker, Playtech, ISIN4D, other sports and non-slot games like table games, video poker and more. Just be sure that you’ve reach the required turnover in order to obtain this kind of bonus.

Special Extra Bonus 150% (EB150)

Special extra bonus 150% (EB150)

Another promotions that is applied to all new registered member of the website with MYR currency. There is a maximum bonus of 350 MYR that you can get. Also, there is a required turnover before you can get this great bonus.

Welcome Bonus 20% (WB20)

Welcome bonus 20% (WB20)

A great bonus that can be acquired by all registered member that is using MYR currency. The maximum bonus that a member can get on this welcome bonus is 300 MYR. Which will going to help you start a wonderful online casino betting journey.

New Daily Reload Bonus 10% (RB10)

New Daily reload bonus 10% (RB10)

Applies to all members with MYR currency. When you deposit or transfer a total of 600 MYR per day, you will going to get this reload bonus. The bonus will be directly credited to a specific product of the website that you will going to choose.

Daily Reload Bonus 5% (RB5)

Daily reload bonus 5% (RB5)

This promo applies to all registered member with MYR currency. A required turnover must be passed and the bonus will going to be directly credited to any product under this kind of promo.

Rebate Commision Live Casino (OPUS, GP, GD, ALLBET, AG, OG, ROYAL, PT, EBET)


You will going to have a special rebate commission up to 1.3% + reward point with this kind of bonus. Which means, this kind of promotion is like a partner for the reward point lucky draw, because the ticket for that reward point will going to come on this bonus.